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Scientific Object Lessons to Teach Biblical Truths: Lessons 7-12

Object Lessons 7 to 12

God wants every Christian to live a different life than those who do not believe in Him.  When we accept him we transform into a new image, a new form.  Just like water changing into ice, our transformation is visible, letting others actually see what Christ has done for us which helps spread the message of Christ to others.  In this demonstration, what looks like ordinary water (colorless liquid) will turn solid (freeze) upon a single touch of another transformed person, showing the power and responsibility that each Christian has to evangelize.

One can spend their whole life doing good deeds to get into heaven, but no matter how much they tell the truth, how much money they give to charity, or how many people they help, in the end without faith in Jesus they are empty.   This is easily demonstrated by adding items in into a coffee can.  But, no matter how many good deeds (items) are added, the container never fills; salvation is never attained by good works alone. 

Many people spend their lives trying to convince others they are worthy of the kingdom of heaven.  They may try to impress others by going to church each Sunday, giving lots of money to charity, and speaking no lies or dirty language, but this alone does not make him a Christian.  It does not save, because we are not the judges.  In this experiment, both a series of optical illusions, specialized rubber balls, and a simple egg trick will demonstrate our inability to properly judge people, because we do not know their hearts.  While we may look alike and even act alike, only Jesus really knows us.  It is our personal relationship with Jesus that saves us, for the shepherd knows his flock.


Just as air has the power to crush a can of soda or suspend a ping-pong ball in mid-air, so God has the power to do all things.  We are powerless, but God’s power protects those he loves, for all things are possible with God.

A yellow solution named "Goldie" is perfect, but once she commits a single sin she turns black and is sentenced to eternal death.  But a savior has come with the power to turn water into wine (clear solution becomes red), to shed his blood for our salvation.  His sacrifice cleaned the world of sin, so now when Goldie (now black with sin) decides to accept Jesus and accept the blood of Christ (red solution) it rinses her sins away and she becomes perfectly clear (black and red solutions combine to become clear).

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God has the strength. You have the faith. Together these can do anything.  In this experiment, you will make a leap of faith and walk on water.  Just as Peter had a chance to demonstrate his trust in God, so you can show your faith.  You are not alone.  Jesus is with you, always.  You can be brave with Jesus.


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